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The NCFL Grand National Tournament

Tournament announcements will be posted here. Please check the tabs on the right for additional information.

  • Lunch Orders: Saturday boxed lunches are now available for students and judges. Please click the link for ordering information. Order Here.
  • PF Resolution: Resolved: Resolved: Municipalities in the United States ought to be able to declare themselves “sanctuary cities”.
  • LD Resolution: Resolved: Bystanders have a moral obligation to act in the face of injustice.
  • Event Locations: Preliminary locations for Friday, Saturday have been posted under General Info Tab (in this section)
  • Parking: Parking in D.C. can be a challenge. We have provided a PDF document to help you navigate through the process. It is posted in the PDF Section of this website.
  • United Airlines Discount: The NCFL has negotiated with United Airlines for a discount for those flying to D.C. for nationals. Information and discount code is located in the PDF Section of this website.
  • Judging: Quality judging is crucial to any tournament. Links for individuals looking to be hired as a judge at the National Tournament and for coaches looking to hire judges at the National Tournament have been posted under General Info Tab (in this section) . Please fill out the appropriate form.
  • Extemp Topic areas: Posted under Topics Tab (in this section) . The window is open for submitting Extemp Questions.
  • Hotel Blocks: Now open. See the links below. Please book through the Conference Direct Links.

Copy of 2017 NCFL Fall Meeting Power Point for DC Nationals.

Extemp Questions can be submitted between February 5 and April 15.
Submission information will be posted as it becomes available.

NCFL Tournament
Detailed league and tournament information can be found at NCFL.org.

The NCFL sponsors the annual Grand National Tournament on Memorial Day weekend, offering six forensics events and four debate events.

The National Association of Secondary School Principals has placed this program on the NASSP National Advisory List of Student Contests and Activities for 2018.

What are the deadlines?
Schools joining through a Local Diocesan League, must submit their Membership Forms and Dues to their Local League according to their Local Diocesan League deadlines. Local Diocesan Leagues must submit all membership forms and dues ($50 per school) by December 10. New and Existing Local Diocesan Leagues may submit late membership forms and dues ($55 per school) by January 10. New Leagues must submit membership information not later than January 10. Schools requesting Individual Membership must apply not later than January 10. Tournament Registration must be completed, and fees paid, by April 15

What is the tournament format?
Registration by league directors is on Friday afternoon. Directors arrange to distribute registration materials to coaches and judges from their local leagues on Friday night. Preliminary rounds are held on Saturday. Elimination round participants are announced on Saturday evening after Mass. Elimination rounds are held on Sunday and are followed by an awards ceremony, which will recognize the top contestants in each event. School and League awards are also distributed at the awards ceremony.

How can a student qualify to compete?
The student’s school must be a member of an NCFL Local League. These leagues are geographically distributed across the United States. Each league develops its own qualification system for the national tournament. Some leagues use a point system while others hold a qualifying tournament. League quotas represent the maximum number of entries in each category that can advance to the Grand National Tournament from each local league.

NOTE: A school that is not a member of an NCFL league may enter as an independent school for one year only. As such, that school could send one entry to the Grand National Tournament. After that, the school would have to join an NCFL league in order to continue participating. Only schools that are not geographically near an existing local league can apply for individual membership. Application for this membership should be made to the President via email, not later than December 10 each year.

What are a participating coach's responsibilities?
The coach must become familiar with all rules and procedures of the NCFL. Certain categories may be unique to the NCFL, or be slightly different from those of one’s state or region. NCFL coaches must also arrange to pay all fees and provide all required judges. A significant fine will be assessed to any school who fails to provide a judge after registering for the tournament.

Tournament information will be updated here as it becomes available.

  • Saturday Lunch Orders are available. Place orders by May 12 (4/24).
  • 2018 Grand National Tournament PF Resolution (4/16)
  • 2018 Grand National Tournament LD Resolution (4/1)
  • Getting Around / Thing To Do / Places to Eat(3/17).
  • Event Locations (3/3).
  • Parking Information (2/22).
  • Hired and Hiring Judge Information (2/12).
  • Extemp Topic Areas Posted (2/2).
  • Hotel Blocks are open (1/16).

    Please remember debate rounds will be held on the floor of the convention center. Outlets will not be available on the convention floor in the cubicles. We are working on access to charging stations in the hallways and lobby areas. Please ensure any devices can get you through the rounds as charging access will be limited.

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  • Hired Judges Preliminary Site Information
      This is a breakdown of where the various events and rounds will be held during the course of the weekend. This information is available below in the Sites section. It is also available as a PDF in the Info section.
      • Diocesan League Directors Registration, Work Room, and Meeting: Friday at Marquis.
      • Policy Debate: Saturday at Convention Center, Sunday at Marquis
      • LD Debate: Saturday at Convention Center, Sunday at Renaissance
      • PF Debate: Saturday at Convention Center, Sunday at Renaissance;
      • OO, DEC, EXT: Saturday at Convention Center, Sunday at Marquis
      • DP, DUO: Saturday at Marquis, Sunday at Marquuis
      • OI: Saturday at Convention Center & Renaissance, Sunday at Marquis
      • Congress: Saturday at Grand Hyatt & Renaissance, Sunday at Grand Hyatt
      • Postings Party: Saturday at Marquis.
      • Awards: Sunday at Marquis.

    Policy, PF, and LD debate judges should be linked in Tabroom.com so that they can participate in OnLine Balloting. More information will follow.

    Please review all of the NCFL ByLaws and Rules. Event descriptions and ballots can be found at http://ncfl.org/competition-events Be sure all coaches of speech students have their original sources in case of a protest.
    The following will be posted here as soon as they become available:

  • Debate Topic Areas
      LD Topic - Resolved: Bystanders have a moral obligation to act in the face of injustice
      PF Topic - Resolved: Municipalities in the United States ought to be able to declare themselves “sanctuary cities”
      Policy Topic: Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its funding and/or regulation of elementary and/or secondary education in the United States.
  • Extemp Topic Areas (in no particular order)
    • US Legal & Constitutional Issues
    • US Foreign Policy
    • US Economic Policy
    • Journalistic Integrity & Social Media
    • Medicine, Science, & Technology
    • Societal Values & Ethical Issues
    • International Conflict & Civil Unrest
    • Foreign Economics
    • Leaders of Developing Countries

    • Thank you to everyone who sent in topic area suggestions.

      All students and coaches are invited to send in Extemp Questions that we can use at NCFL 2018. All questions should be submitted to Extemp@ncfl.org between now and April 20. You can submit just one, or you can submit as many as you’d like for any or all of the topics. Take the opportunity to WRITE YOUR OWN Question - you may have the opportunity to choose to speak on the question that you wrote.
  • Student Congress Legislation
      Congress Legislation packet will be released on/about April 25
  • The NCFL is committed to serving the greater community.

    Information for donating money and items to local DC charities will be provided here as soon as it is available.

    2018 NCFL Nationals Tournament Hotels

    Hotel blocks for 2018 NCFL Nationals are now open.

    Please book all hotels through Conference Direct.
    To make a reservation at our hotels,
    please use Conference Direct Housing.

    Click the BOOK NOW link if you are only reserving a few rooms.

    If you need to reserve 6 or more rooms please set up a sub-block by clicking the BOOK GROUP link.

    Book Now (LIVE) Book Group (LIVE)

    The hotel websites are linked as a courtesy.
    *** Please, do not book rooms for the NCFL Tournament through the hotel websites. ***

    Click on the address for a map.

    Custom Tournament Booklet

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    Event schedule

    Welcome to the 2018 Grand National Tournament.

    As the tournament gets closer we will post a tentative schedule.

    All schedule (PDF Coming Soon)

    Registration is for Diocesan moderators only.
    Meeting for Diocesan Moderators'. Last minute changes and tournament information will be disseminated.

    2018 NCFL Nationals Tournament Sites and Locations

    Things to Do and Places to Go

    Getting Around Washington D.C.

    Things to do in Washington D.C.

    Restaurants and Eateries - Web Page

    Smithsonian Alternatives - Article