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The NCFL Grand National Tournament

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NCFL Tournament
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  • Milwaukee Mechandise (5/6).

  • Downtown Dining Guide (5/2).

  • Lunch Order Forms (4/2).

  • Printable Brochure (4/30).

  • Vendor Information (4/29).

  • Congress Legislation Posted (4/28).

  • Schedule Overview (4/14).

  • PF Topic Released (4/14).

  • Bus Information - Coming Soon (4/4).

  • Form for Coaches to Hire Judges (4/2).

  • LD Topic Released (3/31).

  • 2019 Hired Judging (3/28).

  • 2019 Service Project (3/11).

  • 2019 NCFL Internet Connectivity Rules (3/1).

  • Airline Discounts (2/26).

  • Extemp Topic Areas Released (2/13).

  • Hotel Blocks are open (1/22).

  • Event Locations Released.

  • Milwaukee Fall Presentation.

  • Detailed league and tournament information can be found at NCFL.org.

    The NCFL sponsors the annual Grand National Tournament on Memorial Day weekend, offering six forensics events and four debate events.

    The National Association of Secondary School Principals has placed this program on the NASSP National Advisory List of Student Contests and Activities.

    What are the deadlines?
    Schools joining through a Local Diocesan League, must submit their Membership Forms and Dues to their Local League according to their Local Diocesan League deadlines. Local Diocesan Leagues must submit all membership forms and dues ($50 per school) by December 10. New and Existing Local Diocesan Leagues may submit late membership forms and dues ($55 per school) by January 10. New Leagues must submit membership information not later than January 10. Schools requesting Individual Membership must apply not later than January 10. Tournament Registration must be completed, and fees paid, by April 15

    What is the tournament format?
    Registration by league directors is on Friday afternoon. Directors arrange to distribute registration materials to coaches and judges from their local leagues on Friday night. Preliminary rounds are held on Saturday. Elimination round participants are announced on Saturday evening after Mass. Elimination rounds are held on Sunday and are followed by an awards ceremony, which will recognize the top contestants in each event. School and League awards are also distributed at the awards ceremony.

    How can a student qualify to compete?
    The student's school must be a member of an NCFL Local League. These leagues are geographically distributed across the United States. Each league develops its own qualification system for the national tournament. Some leagues use a point system while others hold a qualifying tournament. League quotas represent the maximum number of entries in each category that can advance to the Grand National Tournament from each local league.

    NOTE: A school that is not a member of an NCFL league may enter as an independent school for one year only. As such, that school could send one entry to the Grand National Tournament. After that, the school would have to join an NCFL league in order to continue participating. Only schools that are not geographically near an existing local league can apply for individual membership. Application for this membership should be made to the President via email, not later than December 10 each year.

    What are a participating coach's responsibilities?
    The coach must become familiar with all rules and procedures of the NCFL. Certain categories may be unique to the NCFL, or be slightly different from those of one's state or region. NCFL coaches must also arrange to pay all fees and provide all required judges. A significant fine will be assessed to any school who fails to provide a judge after registering for the tournament.

    2019 Grand National Tournament

    Milwaukee Updates

    Information will be updated here as it becomes available.

  • Bus Information(5/22). Complete Bus maps are ready for download.
  • Lunch Order Forms [CLOSED] (5/8). Boxed Lunches are available for MATC and Marquette. Please note that at MATC, the boxed lunch is the ONLY food available on Campus.
    • Lunch Orders [CLOSED]
      - Order Your Student & Judge Lunches OnLine before May 8.
      - Lunch orders close on May 8. Don't miss the deadline.
      - Debaters and judges especially should order in advance because there's not any fast food nearby.
      - Speech Students and Judges should order to avoid the lines at the off-campus locations.
      - Congress Students and Judges will have a buffet lunch available at the Hyatt.
  • Milwaukee Souvenirs(5/6). The best way to commemorate your NCFL Milwaukee experience is with Official NCFL Souveneers. See what we have available.
  • Milwaukee Dining(5/2). The Milwaukee Dining Map will give you some ideas of where to find food in Downtown Milwakee.
  • Printable Brochure(4/30). The following pritable brochure will give you some ideas of things to do in Downtown Milwakee.
  • Vendor Information (4/29). Groups or individuals interested in setting up a vendor table or placing a banner on the official NCFL APP should contact Mary Wacker (mary.wacker@gmail.com)
  • Congress Legislation Released (4/28).
  • Schedule at a Glance (3/1). Click here to see the overall schedule for the 2019 NCFL Grand National Tournament. The full schedule will be posted shortly.
  • PF Topic Released (4/14). Resolved: US prisons ought to prioritize rehabilitation over deterrence for non-violent drug offenders.
  • There will be bus transportation between the hotels and competition sites on Saturday and Sunday. Details will follow shortly.
  • LD Topic Released (3/31). Resolved: Developed nations have a moral obligation to admit people fleeing oppression.
  • 2019 Hired Judging (3/28).
  • 2019 Service Project (3/11). We are happy announce the service project for the 2019 NCFL Grand National Tournament will benefit Pathfinders Milwaukee.
  • 2019 NCFL Internet Connectivity Rules (3/1). These have been updated for 2019. Click here to view. Please review the rules prior to the National Tournament.
  • Airline Discounts (2/26). Discounts are available for United Airlines, Delta Airlines, and American Airlines. Click here for PDF.
  • Extemp Topic Areas Released (2/13). Extemp Topic Areas and Call for Extemp Questions
  • Hotel Blocks are open (1/22). Reserve your rooms through Conference Direct
  • Event Locations Released. Here is a list of the venues for Milwaukee Nationals. For a PDF of locations Click here
  • Milwaukee Fall Presentation. Here is an overview of Milwaukee Nationals 2019.

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    Airline Discount Offers

    See below for offers or click here for PDF.

    United Discount
    United Logo
    We have partnered with United Airlines to offer travel discounts to our event.
    Valid travel dates are 5/19/2019 to 5/31/2019.

    Book via www.united.com/meetingtravel and enter offer code: ZGTB957680

    You may also call United Meeting Reservation Desk at 800-426-1122 Mon-Fri 8am - 10pm ET and Sat/Sun 8am - 6pm ET. Booking fees are waived for Meeting reservations. Reference Z Code: ZGTB and Agreement Code: 957680

    Delta Discount
    Delta Logo
    Delta Air Lines is pleased to offer special discounts for National Catholic Forensic League

    Valid travel dates are May 20, 2019 - May 31, 2019.

    Please click here to book your flights.

    You may also call Delta Meeting Network(R) at 1.800.328.1111* Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. (CT) and refer to Meeting Event Code NY2R8 *Please note there is not a service fee for reservations booked and ticketed via our reservation 800 number.

    American Discount
    American Logo
    We have partnered with American Airlines to offer travel discounts to our event. Valid travel dates are 5/19/2019 to 5/31/2019.

    Book via www.aa.com and use Authorization code: 3659DV. This code can be used for roundtrip flights to MKE (Milwaukee) or ORD (Chicago). Reservations can also be made by calling American's Meeting Services Desk at 800-433-1790.

    Sites for the 2019 NCFL Grand National Tournament

    The following are the Event Locations for the NCFL Events or click here for PDF.
    FridayDiocesan RegistrationMilwaukee Hilton
    FridayDiocesan MeetingMilwaukee Hilton
    SaturdayLincoln-Douglas Debate (Prelims)Milwaukee Area Technical College
    SaturdayPolicy Team Debate (Prelims)Milwaukee Area Technical College
    SaturdayPublic Forum Debate (Prelims)Milwaukee Area Technical College
    SaturdaySpeech Events (Prelims)Marquette University
    SaturdayStudent Congress (Prelims)Milwaukee Hyatt
    SaturdayMass / Posting Party / PostingsMilwaukee Theatre
    SundayLincoln-Douglas Debate (Play-In and Elims)Marquette University
    SundayPolicy Team Debate (Elims)Milwaukee Hilton
    SundayPublic Forum Debate (Play-In and Elims)Marquette University
    SundaySpeech Events (Elims)Marquette University
    SundayStudent Congress (Semi and Final Super Sessions)Milwaukee Hyatt
    SundayAwardsMilwaukee Theatre

    Congress Legislation

    PF Topic

      Resolved: Resolved: US prisons ought to prioritize rehabilitation over deterrence for non-violent drug offenders.

    LD Topic

      Resolved: Developed nations have a moral obligation to admit people fleeing oppression.

    Extemp Topic Areas

      The topic areas for the 2019 NCFL Milwaukee Grand National Tournament are as follows:
      • US Legal & Constitutional Issues
      • US Foreign Policy
      • US Economic Policy
      • Journalistic Integrity & Social Media
      • Medicine, Environment, Science, Tech
      • Societal Values & Ethical Issues
      • International Conflict & Civil Unrest
      • Foreign Economics
      • Leaders of Developing Countries

      The NCFL invites YOU to write the Extemp Questions for NCFL 2019. Please send any and all suggested questions to Extemp@NCFL.org before April 20. When sending questions, be sure that each question is from one of the designated Extemp Topic Areas, and please indicated which Topic Area your question(s) are for.

      You may send as many questions as you'd like.

    2019 Pathfinders Milwaukee

    This year, our hosts in the Milwaukee Diocese have selected Pathfinders Milwaukee to be the beneficiary of the NCFL's annual service project.
    Empowering Youth
    Changing Lives

    Pathfinders brings safety, hope and healing to youth in crisis through innovative and transformational services. Our vision is to provide a more meaningful voice for youth in crisis and ensure that all youth are safe, healthy, independent, successful and valued. For more information about Pathfinders visit their web site: pathfindersmke.org

    How You Can Help!

    There are numerous ways that you, your team, and your diocese can help support Pathfinder's Milwaukee.

    Donate Items! (See PDF's for printable document)

    • Program Needs:
      Journals & date books - Ethnic hair products (cocoa butter, Shea butter, shampoo, conditioner, hair oi, silky bonnets) - Shampoo and conditioner (family size) - Hair and wig brushes, wide combs, hair ties, rubber bands - Men's & women's body wash (family size), hand soap - Stick deodorant (full size) - Face Wash/ Acne - Men's & women's shaving cream & disposable razors - Mouthwash (travel size) - Feminine hygiene products (sanitary pads & tampons) - Lip Balm - Q-Tips - Foot Powder - Ibuprofen - Peroxide, Rubbing Alcohol - Tweezers - Toothpaste/toothbrushes
    • Gift Cards:
      $10-$20 store gift cards: Pick n Save, WalMart, Walgreens - $5 fast food gift cards: McDonald's, Taco Bell, Subway
    • Infant/Toddler Necessities:
      Diapers-all sizes, wipes, Pull-ups - Baby food, Gerber infant sensitive formula - Bottles, sterilizers, sippy cups, pacifiers, teething - Baby ointment, powder, lotions
    • Food Products:
      Non-perishable food: Cereal, canned goods (ravioli, Spagettios, fruit), tuna fish, peanut butter, mac & cheese, pasta, hamburger helper, peanut butter, noodles - Juice boxes and bottled water - Single serve soups, pastas, Ramen noodles - Frozen pizzas, lasagna, meats and "family size" meals, cans of 100% fruit juice
    • Housewares and Household Supplies:
      Kitchen towels and dish cloths, pot holders NEW - Bath towels, hand towels , washcloths - Shower curtains/rings, bathmats - Blankets, any size - Bed linens (queen size), including sheet sets (not deep pockets), pillow cases, blankets, comforters, pillows, mattress pads & mattress covers NEW - Air mattresses, curtains - Laundry detergent, dryer sheets - Tissues, toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, paper plates, plastic cutlery - Dishes (plastic), glasses (plastic), flatware, cooking utensils, Tupperware/glassware with lids, pots & pans - Cleaning supplies (sponges, all-purpose cleaners, dish soap, bleach, toilet bowl cleaner, glass cleaner) - Mops, brooms, dust pans - Waste basket & bags, laundry baskets - Sewing Kits - Snack size zip lock bags - Light bulbs - Sleeping bags - Hand warmers - Baby bath wash/shampoo/detangler - Receiving blankets, burp cloths, mittens, hats

    For more information or to schedule a delivery, please contact Jake Spence at 414-988-6870 or jspence@pathfindersmke.org.

    Donate Money!

    • This is the easiest to pack and bring with you to Milwaukee!

    Spread the Word!

    • Share your pledges on social media and ask your friends to consider contributing to our efforts! Don't forget to tag #NCFL2019!
      • "Buffalo pledges $350 towards a meal and 100 toothbrushes for the #NCFL2019 service project!"
      • "Mount Mercy Academy is providing $350 towards one meal at #NCFL2019 for Pathfinders Milwaukee. Can you do the same?"
    • Send friendly challenges your team, your diocese, other teams, and/or other diocese!

    Get your community involved! Collect money or donations at home and bring them with you to Milwaukee!

    2019 NCFL Nationals Tournament Hotels

    Hotel blocks for 2019 NCFL Nationals are now open.

    Please book all hotels through Conference Direct.
    To make a reservation at our hotels,
    please use Conference Direct Housing.

    Click the BOOK NOW link if you are only reserving a few rooms.

    If you need to reserve 6 or more rooms please set up a sub-block by clicking the BOOK GROUP link.

    Book Now (LIVE) Book Group (LIVE)

    The hotel websites are linked as a courtesy.
    *** Please, do not book rooms for the NCFL Tournament through the hotel websites. ***

    *** Click here for a look at the hotels at a glance. ***

    Click on the address for a map.

    Custom Tournament Booklet

    The following documents can be viewed separately or combined into a single PDF.

    To view a single PDF, click on the NAME of the document. To create a custom PDF, select the files you want and then hit the CREATE CUSTOM PDF button below. Alternatively, you can print all of the PDFs, by selecting PRINT ALL.

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    Event schedule

    Welcome to the 2019 Grand National Tournament.

    This is where we will post the tentative tournament schedule.

    Schedule at a Glance

    Complete Master Schedule

    Marquette University - AMU - 3rd Floor (Ballroom)
    Marquette University - AMU Courtyard
    Marquette University - AMU - 2nd Floor (Lunda Room)
    Marquette University - AMU - 3rd Floor (Ballroom Lobby)
    Marquette University - AMU - 2nd Floor (Cafeteria)
    Marquette University - AMU - 3rd Floor (Ballroom)
    Marquette University - AMU - 2nd Floor (Cafeteria)
    Marquette University - AMU - 2nd Floor (Cafeteria)
    Marquette University - AMU - 2nd Floor (Cafeteria)
    Marquette University - AMU - 2nd Floor (Cafeteria)
    Milwaukee Hyatt - Solomon Juneau
    Marquette University - Cudahy - Room 414
    Marquette University - Cudahy
    Milwaukee Hilton - Founders
    Marquette University - David Straz Hall - Room 269
    Marquette University - David Straz Hall