Dear Potential Exhibitors:


The Louisville (and Kentucky) Diocese of the NCFL is happy to provide exhibiting space at the 2017 NCFL Grand National Speech Tournament in Louisville, Kentucky, May 26-28, 2017. This letter will establish all guidelines for exhibitors.



The Kentucky Catholic Forensic League is pleased to provide space, tables and electrical outlet for exhibitors because they provide useful products and services to NCFL members. However, exhibitors must not impede the operation of the National Tournament or exhibit where local rules do not permit selling of products.


The only exhibitors allowed at national tournament sites will be those permitted by the KCFL. Other exhibitors or vendors will be ejected from tournament premises. The KCFL/NCFL reserves the right to refuse approval to any exhibitor.



The KCFL will provide one table, or space for a convention booth and table, with access to electricity (if requested). The table alone will cost $75, an available electrical outlet will cost an additional $75. More elaborate sets ups using additional space may require an additional charge. The KCFL will not provide power strips, power cords, or any other electronic equipment.



Exhibitors may exhibit throughout Registration Day at the Galt House on

Friday, May 26, 2017; during preliminary rounds at any site (see attached for what events are at which sites) on May 27, 2017; or during “elimination rounds” at the Galt House (debate) or Hyatt Regency (Speech) on Sunday, May 28, 2017.  Exhibits may begin any time after 8am any of those days, and display materials must be removed from the area by 10pm (Friday); 7pm (Saturday); 10pm (Sunday).



Only the KCFL or NCFL may sell T-shirts or other memorabilia and souvenirs of the tournament or the city.



Table for the one day at any venue, $75; table for all three days $175.

Table with power for one day at any venue, $125; table for all three days with power $225.

All fees must be paid one week prior to the start of the tournament.



Tables will be reserved on a “first come, first served” basis.

To reserve vending/exhibition space at the 2017 NCFL Grand National Tournament,

please fill out the attached Google Document.